Pictorial Directory For Year 2013

Pictorial Directory For Year 2013

Sangamon County Bar Association

SCBA Directory Chairman Judge Byron Cudmore

Judge Cudmore has agreed to prepare a pictorial directory for the year 2013 at the request of SCBA Board of Directors.


Please complete this form on-line and attach your recent photograph (see Photo/browse box below). This is the preferred option and will greatly expedite things.

In the alternative, you can submit a traditional photograph by sending it to Ms. Barb Howard via U.S. Mail: Ms. Barb Howard, 28 Chimney View Lane, Springfield, IL 62707. The photo should be at least 3″ x 3″ and no larger than 8″ x 10″. If you submit a hard copy of a photograph, please clearly print your name in ink on the reverse side of the photo you submit. You can also digitally place your photo onto a CD (jpg. preferred) and mail it to Ms. Howard. The photo submitted will be scanned and displayed in the 2013 SCBA Directory. You will not be allowed to use old photos from prior SCBA Directories. However, even if you mail in a photograph, you are still required to complete the on-line form.

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